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ICPNT Update – Fall 2021 SNACC Newsletter

ICPNT continues with global expansion. We now have a growing international network of neuroanesthesia fellowships. Presently 25 programs boast ICPNT accreditation. The pandemic appears to have produced some difficulty getting applications prepared such that several programs have requested delays to the next cycle with seven more with active letters of intent. Overall, we expect about 32 or more by early 2022. [Continue Reading…]

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ICPNT Progress Report – Spring 2021 SNACC Newsletter

ICPNT has been rather busy with continuing to improve infrastructure, processes, education, and accreditation activities. Notably, the application for accreditation has been revamped and we are ready for letters of intent followed by the provision of applications to programs. ICPNT’s overall activities are summarized in this newsletter article. [Continue Reading…]

The Sun Never Sets On ICPNT! – Winter 2020 SNACC Newsletter

ICPNT has been making reasonable progress and evidence of growth on several fronts. The ICPNT accreditation committee met recently, resulting in the accreditation of nine new programs and reaccreditation of one program. [Continue Reading…]

ICPNT Rounds – Winter 2020 SNACC Newsletter

When the Going Gets Tough… the Tough Get Going! Watch live to make appropriate clinical decisions in complex neuroanesthesia scenarios! [Continue Reading…]

ICPNT Update – Spring 2020 SNACC Newsletter

We are very much hopeful that SNACC membership is aware of the ICPNT and its activities towards accreditation of neuroanesthesiology fellowship programs worldwide. The International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) is functioning under the regulatory umbrella of SNACC and is committed to developing a SNACC-based international neuroanesthesiology fellowship accreditation service. [Continue Reading…]

International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) Forms New Committee: The Neuroanesthesia Program Relations (NPR) Committee – Winter 2019 SNACC Newsletter

This has been an exciting first year for the ICPNT and the move to accreditation for Neuroanesthesiology and Perioperative Neuroscience fellowships worldwide! Under the visionary guidance and tireless efforts of Dr. Andrew Kofke, the ICPNT (a Council of SNACC) has been established with the vision of accrediting Neuroanesthesiology and Perioperative Neuroscience fellowships, not only to ensure a standard by which to qualify and measure fellowship programs, but more so, to foster a truly international understanding of how fellowships can learn from each other to improve the training of their fellows towards improving care of the neurologically-impaired patient.[Continue Reading…]

ICPNT Continues to Add Accredited Programs to the Worldwide Network of Neuroanesthesia Fellowships – Winter 2019 SNACC Newsletter

The International Council of Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) launched early this year and it has been huge leap in the history of neuroanesthesiology fellowships. After three pilot programs were accredited in May of 2019, three more were accredited during the SNACC Annual Meeting at Phoenix, Arizona. The pilot programs were Northwestern University, University London, Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt University and the University of Columbia. There are eight more international programs getting ready with their applications for accreditation early in 2020.[Continue Reading…]

ICPNT Has Launched! – Fall 2019 SNACC Newsletter

After decades of debate, we now have available a pathway to an accreditation process for fellowship training in neuroanesthesiology. Indeed, three international programs now stand accredited: Northwestern, University College of London and University of Washington. It was not an easy process for any of them and they deserve congratulations for this recognition that they offer outstanding educational experiences for their fellows. Moreover, they were the first “pilot” programs who patiently provided valuable and constructive feedback to ICPNT to facilitate getting it right. They also merit appreciation for this role which will help ICPNT going forward. [Continue Reading…]

Update on International Neuroanesthesiology Fellowship Accreditation – Spring 2019 SNACC Newsletter

Neuroanesthesia fellowships were a topic of great interest in the early years of SNACC. The discussion and debate have ensued over the almost 50-year life of SNACC. Maurice Albin wrote a seminal article on the need for neuroanesthesia fellowships in the fall 2008 newsletter which brought to attention many of the questions within the history of accreditation. [Continue Reading…]

Neuroanestheisa – What Is It?– Fall 2009 SNACC Newsletter

There was a time when the neuroanesthesiologist ran the
blood pressure at systolic of 60 mmHg all day, set up and interpreted the evoked potentials, induced hypothermia, created neuroprotection cocktails, ran craniotomies in awake patients, and was the expert on air in the veins. Some of that is in the dustbin of history and some is still with us as new challenges are facing neuroanesthesiologists, thereby creating other newer areas of expertise.[Continue Reading…]

Mission not yet Accomplished!– Fall 2008 SNACC Newsletter

There are times when the confluence of random events can move one to action where ordinarily such individual happenings might have been ignored. I was examining some of my burgeoning files in my home office when I came across one labeled “The Future of Neuroanesthesia,”” a position paper on subspecialty recognition that I prepared for the 2003 SNACC meeting. [Continue Reading…]