Application & Requirements


Thank you for your interest in ICPNT Accreditation!

The timeline for the 2023 review cycle is:

April 3:                Formative Application and Payment Due from Programs
June 1:                Initial Review Feedback to Programs
August 7:            Resubmission/Summative Application Due from Programs
September:         ICPNT Review Meeting
October:              Decision Letters to Programs

October 2:           Formative Application and Payment Due from Programs
December 4:       Initial Review Feedback to Programs
February 5:         Rebsumission/Summative Application Due from Programs
March:                ICPNT Review Meeting
April:                  Decision Letters to Programs

To get started, click on the link above to the application portal and create an account. By clicking Sign Up, you will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password. Once you have chosen your password, your account will be created and you will gain access to the ICPNT accreditation application portal.

You will then create a profile and provide the following information about the institution applying for ICPNT accreditation:
– Primary Point of Contact Name
– Primary Point of Contact Email
– Sponsoring Institution Name
– Program Name
– Institution Address
– Program Director Name
– Program Director Email
– Program Director or Contact Phone

Next, click Get Started to complete and submit your Letter of Intent to apply for ICPNT accreditation.

Upon review of your submitted Letter of Intent, you will be invited by ICPNT to complete and submit the full application for ICPNT accreditation. Please note that this is not instantaneous and may take several business days before you will receive your invitation to complete and submit your application.

An Invitation to Apply Has Been Received – Now What?

After receiving your invitation to apply for ICPNT accreditation, click on the link above and sign into the application portal using the email address and the password used to create an account. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password and follow the prompts to reset it.

When you enter the portal, click on Application Intake to access the application for ICPNT accreditation.

The application consists of the following forms. They do not need to be completed in sequence and you will be able to stop and save the forms as a draft at any time and return later to resume/complete the application.  You will see the status of each form as they are completed:

Sponsoring Institution Profile
Program Personnel
Program Attributes
Sponsoring Institution’s Clinical Experience
Facility Resources
Evaluation and Supervision
Mandatory Rotations
Elective Rotations
Education and Didactics
Fellow Scholarly Activities
Working and Learning Envionment
Fellow Recruitment Process
Program Director Agreement

The links above connect to copies of the forms which will provide guidance on what information is required to complete the application for accreditation. There are several places throughout the application that allow for document uploads. Please note that all information requested must be submitted through the application portal and will not be accepted via email.

Once your application is completed and submitted, the accreditation fee of $4,000 will need to be paid in order for it to move on to the review stage. The fee may be paid online through the application portal by credit card or by check.

What Happens After the Application is Submitted?

A team of at least three ICPNT assigned reviewers will evaluate and present an application report to the ICPNT Council. Your program will have an opportunity to review and comment on that report and answer questions that may arise.

After your program qualifies for accreditation by meeting the ICPNT requirements, an accreditation certificate and letter will be awarded. The goal of the reviewers and the ICPNT Council is to assist applicant programs in meeting accreditation criteria. A constructive summary statement with follow up will be provided. The process of review and completion of accreditation can take between 6 months to one year.

Additional Resources

Program Requirements for Accreditation

Sample Supporting Letter of Agreement

Sample Clinical Site Letter of Agreement

If you have any questions when completing your application for ICPNT accreditation, please contact us at or +1(919) 674-4182.