The mission of the International Council on Perioperative Neuroscience Training (ICPNT) is to set educational standards, foster engagement, and supervise activities that promote high quality subspecialty education in perioperative neurosciences and ultimately improve outcomes of patients with neurologic conditions in the peri-procedural period.

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ICPNT Accreditation Review Timeline, Spring:

April 3:                     Formative Application and Payment Due from Programs
June 1:                      Initial Review Feedback to Programs
August:                    Resubmission/Summative Application Due from Programs
September:              ICPNT Review Meeting
October:                   Decision Letters to Programs

ICPNT Accreditation Review Timeline, Fall:

October 2:                Formative Application and Payment Due from Programs
December 4:            Initial Review Feedback to Programs
February:                 Resubmission/Summative Application Due from Programs
March:                     ICPNT Review Meeting
April:                       Decision Letters to Programs

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Vision Statement

Our vision is to ensure the maintenance of an exceptional worldwide educational system in perioperative neuroscience.